On February 20, Hyomin held a press conference for her upcoming mini album “Allure” in Seoul. This is the singer’s first album in three years since she released “Sketch” in 2016.

The album’s title track is also called “Allure,” which Hyomin co-composed with Brand New Music CEO Rhymer and producer earattack. In the song, the singer confidently sings of luring people in with her irresistible charms.

The day prior, Hyomin shared photos with T-ara’s Eunjung on her Instagram. Along with the photos of the two holding physical copies of Hyomin’s album, the singer commented, “The first guest to [see] my third mini album is Ham Eunjung.”

In response, Hyomin said, “The album sales are starting today, and I barely received the albums at the last minute yesterday. I wanted to give it to Eunjung before she left for Singapore today. Her reactions put people at ease.”

She continued, “The day before a comeback, I always feel nervous and anxious, and many thoughts occur. But I was glad to see Eunjung so happy and excited about my album.”

Hyomin also talked about how other T-ara members reacted to her comeback. She added, “They told me that they are proud of me because releasing an album is not very easy. I have to work hard on my own, as well as receive help from people around me. But they thanked me for steadfastly doing so.”

At the end of the press release, Hyomin showed excitement for junior singers who will be promoting at the same time as her. The singer said, “When I go to music shows nowadays, I see a lot of junior artists. Because I have to promote with them for at least two to three weeks, I did some research.”

She continued, “There is Yoon Ji Sung, who is also releasing his solo album today, and MONSTA X made their comeback yesterday. LOONA made a comeback, and I’ve listened to all of DreamCatchers’s tracks. Hwasa is also amazing. I want to get along with them. I want to become closer with them.”

Hyomin’s third mini album “Allure” will drop on February 20 at 6 p.m. KST.

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