On the pilot episode of OnStyleGolden 12,” Lee Hyori called her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon old and ugly. During the episode, Hyori and several of her close friends –  stylist Han Hye Yeon, designer  , photographer Hong Jang Hyun, author Lee Joo Hee, singer Bae Da Hae, and other – gathered at Hyori’s house to chat when Hyori declared, “We need a young male singer, who can write songs and play the guitar, on our show.” Han Hye Yeon replied, “What about LSS,” referring to Hyori’s boyfriend, singer-songwriter Lee Sang Soon.

However, Hyori stated, “LSS is old and ugly,” drawing laughter among her friends. In the end, Busker Busker’s Jang Beom Joon was decided as the most apt candidate for Hyori’s “young male singer” on the show.