Photos taken of Lee Hyori walking on the streets of Seoul HongDae have surfaced on the internet.

The photos were posted up by netizens on online community site h-town on May 11. In the photos, Lee Hyori was seen surrounded by many people and many netizens were shocked by Lee Hyori’s beauty which made her stood out from the HongDae crowd.

Netizens’ comments were, “So this is why they are called celebrities”, “Really pretty”, “She just stands out”, “That is why they call here the celestial entertainer” etc. It is known that Lee Hyori was in HongDae on the 9th for the filming of KBS Entertainment Weekly guerrilla interview with reporter Kim TaeJin.

Hyori’s comeback has been successful as she has taken over various music charts. Her new song “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was recently #1 for a 3rd week on SBS Inkigayo.

S: StarNews
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