On a very special episode of “Happy Together 3,” which gathered up all it’s past MCs for the 10th anniversary, Lee Hyori opened up and joked about many of the hot topics that revolved around her including vegetarianism and animal rights.

On this episode that aired on March 1, Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked Lee Hyori, “I know you’re doing a lot of good things for animal rights but what did you do with all the fur items you purchased in the past?” Then, Lee Hyori confidently answered, “I sold all of them and donated the money to various places related to animals and animal rights.”

She then opened up about becoming a vegetarian. She said, “I feel like I’ve become a baby ever since I became a vegetarian. When I use alcohol-based beauty products, my skin rejects it. When I go close to cigarette smoke, my skin gets rashes. I feel like I became a baby.”

Then once again, Shin Dong Yup jokingly said to Hyori, “There are rumors that you secretly wear fur coats when you’re alone at home.” Then, Hyori jokingly answered, “Actually, I have a separate room to cook meat as well,” causing much laughter to erupt and once again proving that she is truly a variety show veteran.

Many people seemed to be poking fun at Hyori on this day as ex-S.E.S. member Eugene playfully attacked Hyori about smoking. It is known that Eugene and Hyori are close friends.

It all started with the guests trying to figure out each other’s flaws. Then suddenly Eugene asked Lee Hyori, “Unni, did you quit smoking yet?” Hyori was surprised and just laughed. Then Eugene tried to patch up the situation by saying, “It was a joke but I guess people would really believe it if I say something about you.” But Hyori once again proved how cool she was by saying, “Yeah, actually, I do smoke,” making everyone on the set explode with laughter.

This 10 year anniversary special of “Happy Together 3” featured all it’s past MCs including Shin Dong Yup, Lee Hyori, Tak Jae Hoon and Eugene. Other past MCs such as Kim Jae Dong and Kim Ah Joong could not make it due to schedule conflicts. Don’t forget to catch this episode of “Happy Together 3!”