On April 11, Lee Hyori recorded an episode of SBSHealing Camp.” Following the recording, she tweeted, “I’m back after filming ‘Healing Camp.’ I talked about my life from my childhood until now, and I realized that I’m such a lucky person. Thank you.” She continued, “As to why the program ‘Healing Camp’ is so successful, there’s an army of pretty screen writers who make sure the guests are fully prepared. They make sure to know their guests and sympathize with what they say. There’s also thoughtful Lee Kyung Gyu sunbaenim, gorgeous [Han] Hye Jin, and understanding [Kim] Jae Dong oppa.”

She followed up her long post with another tweet, “But I’m a little scared. I think I talked too openly. What should I do? Should I steal the tape and run?” Hyori’s humorous tweets have gotten her fans excited for Hyori’s upcoming episode on “Healing Camp.” However, “Healing Camp” has yet to announce when it will air Hyori’s edition. Meanwhile, Hyori is busy hosting two shows, a new SBS music program titled “You & I” along with a new OnStyle reality show called “Golden 12.”