SISTAR’s Hyorin revealed what kind of kiss she likes the most and it is definitely smoking! On the April 17 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” the guests were giving their thoughts about the subject “Kissing is all about timing.”

Hyorin stated, ‘I think I am a bit atypical. I don’t really like romantic atmospheres. Instead of that I like it when the guy leads aggressively.” She said that she likes tough guys.

Hyorin was asked, “Is it too slow to build up a connection?” and she replied “that is disgusting.”

She also spoke about a time when she lost her balance while performing “So Cool” at an outdoor concert. “I looked down at my heels and the heel was broken. I lost my balance because of the height difference in heels. I gave Bora my microphone, went to the back, and took off my heels. I finished the performance in bare feet.”