On the January 23 broadcast of MBC’s reality show “I Live Alone,” SISTAR’s Hyorin revealed her corky life as a single.

During “The Rainbow Live” segment of the show, she shared that she decided to live alone so that her three cats could play more freely.

Her home, which was revealed on the show, looked like it was designed with her cats in mind. As soon as she woke up, Hyorin would look for her cats, greet them, and prepare their breakfast.

Hyorin’s love for animals is no secret. She shared that for the past three years she has volunteered at an animal shelter, cleaning up after the animals.

Additionally, Hyorin surprised viewers with an appearance from her mother who has attracted a lot of attention already because of her youthful appearance. As the two hung out in the city like a pair of close friends, it was clear that Hyorin got not just her looks but also her talkative, bubbly personality from her mother.