SISTAR are a relatively recent girl group, debuting with their single “Push Push” earlier this year. Many deemed the debut a success and SISTAR recently followed up with a new single “가식걸” (Shady Girl), which is growing in popularity along with the girls. Coming to be known for their strong vocals and charismatic looks, it was only a matter of time until something controversial surfaced.

Netizens managed to dig up several photos from member Hyorin’s past, ranging from her wearing a school uniform to photos from her middle school auditions. Upon comparing these past photos to Hyorin’s current appearance, netizens lashed out at the apparent radical transformation with snide comments such as “How much plastic surgery did she do?” and “Isn’t that a different person?”

Although I agree there is an obvious transformation, at the end of the day it is a paradox, don’t you think? To make it in such an industry there is a great deal of emphasis placed on image, and sadly this is often a major factor during auditions. Yet when one does take measures to polish their appearance, netizens often do whatever they can to try and tarnish the reputation of their target. It is almost a lose-lose situation, however I am sure Hyorin already has a fan base of supporters who able to appreciate her as a talent and not just as an icon.