On December 12, Jung Hyo Min, the producer behind popular variety show JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay,” opened up about the difficulties of finding IU’s replacement for the second season.

In an interview, she revealed, “We’re currently looking for IU’s successor as a part-time worker. We have a few people in mind.”

IU received a lot of love during the first season of “Hyori’s Homestay” as the hardworking employee of the bed and breakfast. However, due to her conflicting drama schedule, she will be unable to participate in the filming for the second season, which will take place this coming January.

Jung Hyo Min expressed, “We’re still in the middle of looking for an employee, and we don’t want to reveal who it is until the broadcast. We want to show Lee Hyori, Lee Sang Soon, and all the other guests meeting the employee through the show.”

“Hyori’s Homestay” has received an overwhelming amount of applicants, with over 100,000 people submitting their applications before the end of the first day. On the high number of applicants, she commented, “We’re thankful for so much love. We’re going to start the interviews for guests starting December 14, but we’ll continue to receive applications. We plan on occasionally meeting with applicants here and there during the filming as well.”

Jung Hyo Min also revealed that the theme of “healing” would also be prevalent in the next season. The producer stated, “The concept of the two seasons will be similar. The only things that will be changed are the guests, the employee, and most likely the tone, as we will be filming in Jeju Island in the winter.”

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