After announcing the second season of “Hyori’s Homestay,” the producing director (PD) gave an interview to TVReport.

When asked when the second season was decided upon, PD Jung Hyo Min said, “After the end of Season 1, there were a number of things we had to tidy up and I went down to Jeju Island several times. During those times, we talked about the possibility of doing it again and thought about it for a while.”

In particular about Lee Hyori’s decision to return, the PD said, “After the celebrity and non-celebrity guests left, she thought of all the good memories that she spent comfortably with other people. The memories she naturally made with all the guests played a big role in the decision.”

The Season 1 producers and writers will be returning, while filming begins in January 2018. IU will not be returning for the second season due to her commitment to her drama.

The PD added, “If Season 1 showed the transition between spring and summer, Season 2 will feature the winter landscape. Since it’s a detached house, there’s a lot of outdoor space. Their life is different according to the season. The season, the guests, and the part-time worker will all change. The changes are not artificial, but I think it’s a natural progression.”

He concluded, “I think the reason that people liked our program so much was because they could watch it comfortably on the night before going to work or school. The production staff is excited about showing Jeju Island’s winter scenes and Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are looking forward to meeting the viewers again.”

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