Hyosung was picked as the best looking Secret member by plastic surgeons in Seoul’s Chungdam area.

During the recent recording of MBC Music’s “All the K-Pop,” all four members of Secret made a guest appearance, and were given the survey results by some of the top plastic surgeons in Korea. They ranked Hyosung the “visually most appealing” member for her good combination of a baby face and a “glamorous” body. Upon hearing her selection, Hyosung thanked the fans and even left a special video message for her future husband.

MBLAQ’s Mir, the co-host of the show who often picked Hyosung as his ideal woman, went down on his knees and showed his love for her, while she left the video message to her “future husband.”

On the other hand, Han Sun Hwa was picked as the member you most want to protect from. The survey results, given by real life personal security guards, named Han Sun Hwa because, “Han Sun Hwa has thin legs and often falls down,” “She always looks fragile,” and “She has trouble finding direction and someone needs to help her.”

Netizens commented, “I would like to protect Hyosung from everybody,” “Sun Hwa’s just hot,” and “What about Zinger?”