On May 10, Hyoyeon appeared as a guest on Ahn Young Mi and Choi Wook’s radio show, where she talked about her fellow Girls’ Generation members.

When asked to choose a member she detests, she replied, “There are no members I dislike, but there is a member I’m awkward with, and it’s Taeyeon.”

She explained, “I always try to go out and meet friends, but Taeyeon is a homebody, so our conversations are very awkward.”

Hyoyeon also talked about who she usually drinks with, saying, “My drinking buddy is Yuri, whose energy level is similar to mine. However, when I drink wine, I usually drink with quiet YoonA.”

She then shared that she usually goes on trips with Sunny. “It’s difficult to go on a trip by ourselves, but we were able to go on one for a show, and it was very comfortable going with her. She has a great personality.”

On another note, Hyoyeon will be appearing on JTBC4’s reality show “Secret Stars” with MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

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