You would think that the more people you have in an idol group, the harder it would be for fans to give love to all equally. Well, this undoubtedly means less singing time for members, but despite having nine members, SNSD members are all adored, and the number has never been a problem.

There is a member that some feel deserves more recognition, and although there is no serious problem arising, I have personally seen many state they feel that member Hyoyeon, the amazing dancer, is the underrated member of the group. What do you think?

Well, regardless of if that opinion of others is true or not, it seems like Hyoyeon has recently gone through an image transformation that is certainly setting all eyes on her. Having always been known as the feisty, energetic one, which helps with her stunning dancing, she has recently taken on more of an “innocent” look.

There has even been a comment that, “Now it is Hyoyeon’s era.” As you can see from the picture, her hair is bright, smooth, straight, and it has brought out a new pure image.

What do you think of the new evolution of Hyoyeon? Doesn’t she look breathtaking?