4minute member, HyunA’s selcas are becoming a ‘hot’ issue.

On Oct. 21, she tweeted, “Here and there in the practice room” along with a few selcas.

In the photo, she was moving around her practice room, having fun taking photos. She took various selcas which portrayed the cute, innocent and naïve side of HyunA. In all of the performances, she showed off her brilliant dancing skills, as well as her sexiness, but in these photos, she unveiled the other side of herself. The newly discovered sides of HyunA are gaining lots of attention, as well as her white and pure skin condition.

Netizens who have seen these photos have said, “Wow, her she has a great facial tone and condition,”,”She is so cute,” and “The more I look at her, the more I fall into her charms.”

Recently, she has also uploaded photos of her in America which also gained a lot of attention.