Actors Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo have been friends since their university days, as evidenced by old photographs. Recently, a picture of Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo taken when they were still Chung Ang University students circulated on the Internet and was reported by Asia Today

The photo shows the two actors while on a school trip, displaying their close senior-junior relationship. At the time the photo was taken, Ha Jung Woo was president of a student organization, while Hyun Bin was still a freshman. 

Ha Jung Woo’s university self was dressed in red baggy pants in the hip-hop style and sporting curls, while the young Hyun Bin was fresh-faced.

Netizens who have seen the photographs reacted with “A big hit with these two people,” “A rare old photo of both Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo,” “These two look so much better now,” and other similar comments.

Ha Jung Woo is currently shooting the film, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant,” while Hyun Bin will come back in the film “King’s Wrath,” his first historical project.

Hyun Bin and Ha Jung Woo