A picture of Hyun Bin in official uniform appeared on Military Manpower Administration (MMA)’s ongoing event poster. Currently, MMA is hosting the “Military Service Family Heritage Proof Shot” event on its official facebook page. The event invites everyone to take pictures of Military Service Family Heritage promotional landmarks and/or posters and post them on MMA’s facebook page. 

In the poster, Hyun Bin is wearing white Marine Corps official uniform and smiling. On the left side of his chest is the symbol of Korean Marine Corps, a red name tag with his real name Kim Tae Pyung written on it. Although this is quite a different look on Hyun Bin, he still looks handsome as ever.  

Netizens commented, “Hyun Bin in uniform, so hot!” “There cannot be a military personal this hot. The uniform looks so good on him,” “Hyun Bin’s uniform picture is the best! He looks so handsome.”

Hyun Bin enlisted on March 7, 2011. After seven weeks of basic military training at ROK Marine Corps training center, he has been placed at his current station in Incheon. He will be dismissed from service on December 6.