Hyun Bin spoke about his dating life and career in an interview.

On September 17, the actor met with Korean media outlets to speak about his upcoming film “The Negotiation.”

Hyun Bin began, “After ‘Rampant’ ended, I rested for about two to three months.” He added that he’s been busy taking on consecutive projects including films “Negotiation” and “Rampant” and the upcoming tvN drama “Memories of the Alhambra.”

When asked if he can’t date because he’s busy, Hyun Bin replied, “It’s also because I’m busy. I don’t have plans to date.”

He added, “After ‘Negotation’ ends and around the second week after the premiere when I’m going around doing events, the promotions for ‘Rampant’ will start. After ‘Rampant’ ends, then the drama will begin.”

“The Negotiation” is a crime film about a hostage situation in Thailand where a crisis negotiator named Ha Chae Yoon (played by Son Ye Jin) tries to negotiate with a captor named Min Tae Goo (played by Hyun Bin) within the allotted time. Hyun Bin has previously talked about taking on a villain character for the first time with this role.

“The Negotiation” will premiere on September 19 in Korea.

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