Various media outlets are reporting that recently married actress Hyun Young is three months pregnant. In a phone interview with local media, TV Report, representatives from her agency stated, “The agency knows nothing about whether she’s pregnant or not. After speaking with her manager, he also said that he hasn’t heard anything about a pregnancy. We’ll know after talking with her. After she left for her honeymoon in Hawaii, we haven’t been able to contact her. We are currently in the process of confirming things.”

On March 3, after a year of dating, Hyun Young was wed to a financial banker at a hotel in Seoul. When asked about children during a press conference, she answered, “My finance is in his fourties, I’m also an older woman. We hope to have a baby, though.” She added, “I met the queen of reproduction, gag woman Kim Ji Seon. I asked her to help me make a baby as fast as possible.”

I guess like the rest of Korea, we will have to wait until she gets back from Hawaii to confirm the news! While you’re waiting, take a look at her lovely wedding dress and ring.