Earlier this month, we reported on rumors of Hyun Young’s pregnancy, which surfaced shortly after her wedding on March 3. Back then, local media reported that Hyun Young was three months pregnant, although her agency denied the report, saying they were unaware of anything about her pregnancy.

Fast forward two weeks, and Hyun Young finally came out to publicly admit that she is indeed pregnant. On March 19, her agency released an official statement saying, “Hyun Young was in the early stages of her pregnancy, so she wanted to be careful with going public about it. Other than her close family members, it wasn’t revealed to anyone else. She is currently taking a rest, and her husband and parents are extremely happy about it. We hope that you will pray for the happiness of Hyun Young’s family and baby.”

On March 3, Hyun Young held her wedding with a foreign bank executive, who is four years older than her. At the press conference held prior to her wedding, Hyun Young said, “We’re working hard to get our child as soon as we get married,” indicating her plans to have a baby soon. Congratulations Hyun Young!