Hyun Young’s wedding ring has been revealed.

Singer Beige shared pictures taken with the bride on her me2day with the caption: “Last night.. Hyun Young unnie expressed how nervous she was! You will be the prettiest bride today. Our pictures from the wedding photo shoot” on March 3.

The pictures that Beige uploaded shows Hyun Young wearing a pure, white tubetop wedding dress that emphasized her collarbones and voluminous bust line. She is brightly smiling with the posing singer.

However, what captured the most attention was the ring on Hyun Young’s finger. Even Beige displayed a hint of cute jealousy by saying that the “propose ring looks way too heavy.”

It is known that Hyun Young was proposed at the wedding photo shoot studio last month. The romantic proposal took place in a room full of flowers and the star revealed that the wedding ring was a 3.5-carat diamond ring worth 200 million won (approx. $200,000 USD).

In the meanwhile, Hyun Young held her wedding with a banking executive at a hotel hall on March 3.