4minute’s Hyuna burst out in tears during a recent interview.

On August 22 broadcast of QTV “4minute’s Travel Maker,” 4minute members took time to look forward and share feelings deep from their hearts.

Hyuna was explaining, “I have a lot of pride [in 4minute]. No matter what people say, it’s a group of five really good people,” when she started to show tears. A bit embarrassed, she tried to cover them with sunglasses.

Hyuna further explained, “I wish our group stayed together at heart and become greater… Whenever one got sick, it became difficult for the other four to fill the empty spot. When Gayoon-unnie became ill, we were all worried. Like worrying together, I wish we continued doing things together and all stayed healthy.”

Wiping her tears, she said, “Why are these tears flowing like a waterfall.”

A sensitive topic for a tight group like 4minute came up in the discussion. What if they were to disband? “It’s my wish 4minute would go on forever,” Sohyeon explained. “But if it isn’t going to be that way after time passes, I also wish we would stay close by and keep in touch often… Maybe around the same neighborhood or apartment, or somewhere in each other’s vicinity.”