On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Dawn talked about his relationship with Hyuna.


Dawn started off by sharing his secret to how he won over Hyuna’s heart.

Other guys showed interest in her, but I didn’t. Hyuna said that’s what made her interested in me.

– Dawn

He then drew a lot of attention by revealing that he and Hyuna talked about what would happen if they broke up.


According to Dawn, many people around them asked what they would do if they broke up after dating so publicly.


But after talking about it, the two agreed on what they wouldn’t do if that happened.

We agreed that even if end up breaking up, we won’t delete any of our photos together on social media. Young men and women can break up and get back together, but they’re all precious memories. I don’t think it’s our style to pretend like it never happened.

– Dawn

Hyuna and Dawn have been dating since 2016, and it’s been recently revealed that Hyuna showed interest in Dawn first when Dawn was just a trainee.