4minute’s HyunA was eliminated on this week’s episode of MBC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” HyunA and her partner, Nam Gi Yong, did the tango for this week’s episode.

Unfortunately, the judges were not satisfied with the performance. One judge said that even though they were assigned the tango, the pair did not dance the tango because their posture during the routine was incorrect.

The couple of the night for the episode was Jessica Gomez and her partner, Park Ji Woo. They were assigned to do the jive and the judges commended them for an impressive job.

“Dancing With the Stars” is down to its last four pairs – Jessica Gomez and Park Ji Woo, Moon Hee Jun and Ahn Hye Sang, Kim Gyuri and Kim Kang San, and Lee Bong Chu and Choi Su Seong.

How do you think they did?

Source: Newsis via Nate