K-Pop icon HyunA has been known to be many things, talented, gorgeous, kind, and so much more. One thing for sure is that HyunA is known for her very sexy vibe.

hyuna jessi
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

This fact was brought up by Jessi after HyunA was discussing some of her hits and music videos.

Once she mentioned her hit song “Bubble Pop,” Jessi chimed in and commented, “Back when I was in the states, guys went cray cray. Even my brother went cray. Everyone went wild.

Following this, HyunA claimed that she interesting that “In the M/V, it always rated-R regardless it was a close-up.”

Jessi brought HyunA’s curiosity to an end and revealed that the music videos are rated-R due to HyunA’s facial expressions.”Your facial expression…is quite a bit sexy too. Her face crosses over the censorship of broadcasting.

Jessi went into further detail, and while she was being completely serious, HyunA couldn’t contain her giggles.

Jessi explained “your face makes guys imagine. That kinda face.” HyunA made a funny comment back asking “So you imagined by watching my performance.

Jessi quickly was taken aback and replied “EWW NOT ME.” Though Jessi didn’t admit to the action, she clarified that HyunA’s facial expressions are her charming point.

Though the topic had changed, it was brought back up again once HyunA did a random dance play to her songs. While dancing to change, HyunA asked “why is this rated-R? Maybe because of this move.

Finally putting a comedic end to the topic, Jessi jumped and demonstrated the dance move that made it rated-R.

Check out the full video below: