4minute’s HyunA seems to have found a way to overcome a mental breakdown. On April 10, the sexy diva tweeted three selca photos with the caption, “Ah, Menboong………” The word “menboong” is the Korean slang word for “mental boongwe,” or “mental breakdown” in English.

In the photos, HyunA is seen with very little makeup, once again showing off her porcelain-like, crystal clear skin. Her facial expressions are hard to explain the “mental breakdown” she’s suffering from, but nonetheless, she still looks extremely sexy and attractive. One of the photos is a blurry shot of her standing in front of a mirror, but fans seem to be paying more attention to her unbelievably hot bodyline, not the apparent symptoms she’s experiencing.

Netizens commented, “HyunA, please get better soon,” “That looks like a hospital,” and “Date me!”