When I usually think of HyunA, I tend to think of this sexy mature character that just emanates an aura of professionalism. However, once in a while that mental image gets lovingly shattered, and I’m once again brought to the realization that the “Stage” HyunA and “Real Life” HyunA are two completely different people. Good news for me then because today is once again the day when my perceptions become happily shattered.

In a Twitter post by fellow 4Minute member Nam Ji Hyun, HyunA can be seeing vainly trying to give a sip of her morning coffee to a really big puppy doll along with the message “HyunA’s cup of morning coffee, she told me to wish everyone a good morning!”  


Several things to note in this picture and not the usual “What is she wearing” type things since my understanding of fashion goes as far as “Thongs are bad because they leave a black mark on your foot,” but there are plenty of other things to note in the picture. First of all, that puppy doll is massive; seriously if you stretched out its legs, the puppy would most likely be taller than HyunA.


Second of all, why is there a random polar bear in the background? Seriously look closely at the back left; there is a really tall polar bear figure in the back, or actually is that just an albino Kangaroo? I can’t tell. Finally, if there is a polar bear at the back how come only the puppy is getting a sip of coffee? Usually it’s the polar bears that like drinking black sugary drinks. 

Anyway enough of my nonsense, reader question time. What were your favorite picture or moment that shattered your perception about HyunA? It would be interesting to see if some of those moments are the same ones I’m thinking of.