4minute’s HyunA has announced that she has plans to go abroad after her current promotional activities. She released her first solo mini album last July and recently concluded promotions for “Bubble Pop” and “Just Follow.”

HyunA said, “Time went by so fast. I still can’t believe that the activities of my first solo album are already over.” She continued, “Despite it being so short, I’m very happy that I was able to show a new side of me and was able to end my activities well thanks to many fans.”

The young star also said that she looks forward to working with the other members of 4minute once again. “I was very lonely because I didn’t have much time to spend with the members of 4minute, but I’m really happy that I’ll be with them soon,” she added with a smile.

HyunA has a packed schedule ahead. She will be performing at the Cube United Concert in Tokyo on August 25th and will be releasing the Japanese version of “Heart To Heart” with 4minute this September.