On October 15, HyunA revealed album jackets photos for her upcoming new solo album, “Ice Cream.” In the photos released through Cube Entertainment’s official SNS channels, HyunA puts her hot and sexy image on full display, even ripping off her stockings in one of the photos.

Korean netizens seem particularly impressed by the good mixture of her “street” image and “sexy but innocent” image expressed in these photos. Despite her tattoos and kinky outfit, fans seem to embrace her radical style and attempt at something new.

HyunA’s new single, “Ice Cream,” is a hip hop track based on powerful sound and HyunA’s rhythmic rap. It is composed by the Brave Brothers, and HyunA is also reported to have been heavily involved in the entire production process.

“Ice Cream” is scheduled for release on October 22. Stay tuned for more updates!