HyunA will venture into the fashion industry with her own clothing line this month. It was reported on March 14 that HyunA will team up with clothing brand, SPICYCOLOR, to launch her own fashion brand, “HyunA X SPICYCOLOR.”

According to the reports, “HyunA X SPICYCOLOR” is a brand inspired by the 50s and 60s vintage styles. The overall concept will follow retro, chic, and sexy, taking a step away from HyunA’s sexy and modern image. For her first clothing line, HyunA is reported to have engaged herself in the whole launching process, from the first concept development to design and advertising of the brand.

“As a singer, I mostly showed my sexy side, but for my new clothing line launching in March, I tried to show my fashionable and stylish personality as well,” HyunA said in a statement.

“HyunA X SPICYCOLOR” will debut in March through all stores in Korea. Here’s a behind-the-scene video of HyunA working hard for her first clothing line!