At the 2019 Seoul Waterbomb Festival, HyunA wowed the audience – as she does every year with her wet, wild, and sexy bod – and claimed her throne as the queen of this summer blast festival!



She rocked her soft pink two piece that gave her a whole summer babe vibe…

hyuna 2


… which she fully embraced when she got soaking wet with all the water!

hyuna 6


HyunA performed her top hits like “Lip & Hip” and “Bubble Pop”, which are always at the top of the summer bops list!

hyuna 5


Fans immediately fell in love with how healthy HyunA looked…

hyuna 13


… and how much she seemed to love being on stage and enjoy the festival!

hyuna 10


HyunA hyped up the audience too, by getting them just as wet and wild! Here’s HyunA maneuvering the water gun like a sexy water warrior…

hyuna 14


… and wowing the audience with her typical sassy IDGAF attitude!

hyuna 4


Ready to watch HyunA conquer the summer heat at the slippery wet festival?

hyuna final


Here’s a clip of her performances – but beware, she is going to take your breath away: