Promotions for HyunA’s popular solo track, “Bubble Pop,” has come to a rather abrupt end today after recent warnings from the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC) that the choreography were “too sexually suggestive.”

“On August 4th, we heard from broadcasters that the KCC concluded HyunA’s choreography for ‘Bubble Pop’ was too sexually suggestive. We concluded it would make no sense to go on stage with a changed dance. So instead of altering the choreography, we decided to just not do any TV promotions with ‘Bubble Pop,’” Cube Entertainment, HyunA’s agency, said in a statement.

As a result, they cancelled all of her scheduled appearances this week on KBS “Music Bank,” MBC “Music Core,” and SBS “Inkigayo” following the recent warnings from the KCC. “You could probably say ‘Bubble Pop’ promotions are over now. But she’ll comeback with ‘Just Follow Me’ soon, so fans can look forward to that,” Cube Entertainment added.

Since its release in July, “Bubble Pop” has been one of the most popular summer tracks this year, recording more than 10 million YouTube views for its music video. But the KCC recently raised an issue with some of HyunA’s dance moves, suggesting it’s “sexually explicit” and could be a bad influence to teenagers. Broadcasters delivered this message to HyunA’s agency, requesting a change to her choreography. But HyunA’s agency has decided to instead cancel all promotions and just move on to the next single.

Anyone who’s seen HyunA’s performance for “Bubble Pop” would agree it’s one of the sexiest songs this year. But would you say it’s “too sexually suggestive”? Here’s a video of her live stage, so please tell us what you think!