4minute’s HyunA may have found her doppelganger in the same K-Pop industry. Recently, selca photos of both HyunA and T-ara’s Soyeon have become a hot topic online for the two female stars’ strikingly similar facial features.

On April 26, Soyeon tweeted her selca picture with message, “Not the everyday Soyeon.” On the same day, 4minute’s Sohyun also tweeted a selca photo with HyunA from the same exact angle, with the caption, “Just arrived in Korea. Before we got to Korea, snapped a shot with HyunA unni.”

When the two photos are put together, it’s almost scary how the two celebrities look similar. Their slightly bleached wavy hair, matched with their big eyes and pointed chin, it’s hard to distinguish Soyeon from HyunA. The only difference seems to be the color of their outfits, and the shape of their nose.

Netizens commented, “Are they sisters?” “I don’t care, let me date any one of them,” and “HyunA still rules the sexy queen debate.”