ZE:A is counting down the days until their return to the music stage, and at D-12, the group has released the teaser image of member Hyung Sik.

Hyung Sik looks pensive and melancholy, just like the other members in the teaser images released so far.

Like the previous member images, this one also has a line of lyrics from the album “Illusion” title song, “The Ghost of Wind,” which reads “People like a ghost.” 

ZE:A will make their comeback on August 9 but earlier today, fans were able to see some members before ZE:A’s comeback as Minwoo, KevinSiwanDongjun, and Hyung Sik performed on “Immortal Song 2.” Hyung Sik is also gaining popularity as the baby soldier on the MBC variety program “Real Man.”

ZEA Hyung Sik