Today, SS501’s leader Kim Hyunjoong signed an exclusive contract with Bae Yongjoon’s agency, KEYEAST.

Hyunjoong and SS501’s contract with DSP Media expired on June 8. Rumors of Hyunjoong teaming up with Yongjoon then surfaced last month when it was reported that they had a private meeting. Both DSP and KEYEAST downplayed the rumor, but it turns out these rumors are true.

KEYEAST wants to support Hyunjoong’s overseas activities through its Japan affiliate Digital Adventures (DA) and promote him on DATV, a cable channel for Asian entertainment programs. Yang Geunhwan, president of KEYEAST stated, “We plan to provide more professional and concentrated support so that Hallyu star Kim Hyunjoong can go beyond Asia and grow into a global entertainer.”

DSP Media also released a statement saying the rest of SS501 have not yet decided on their future plans. However, SS501’s dissolution is not official.


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