The show “I Am a Singer” has a very subjective view and that’s what sustains the show.

PD Kim Young Hee initially wanted to not judge the singers’ skills and talents but see the audiences’ responses to the performances and the popularity. Her statement brought a bit of an issue, being called, “mocking of the arts.” However, with time passing by, different aspects on the stage of the singers judged the ranks of the performance.

On the August 28 episode, Jang Hye Jin got first place. Following her was Yoon Min Soo, In Sooni, Kim Jo Han, Bobby Kim, Ja Woo Rim, and Cho Kwan Woo respectively. The ranking was based upon the 500 audience but other opinions stood out as well.

For the same day’s show, “music professionals” judged differently. They each picked two of the best performances. Bobby Kim and In Sooni scored the highest, getting three votes. Jang Hye Jin gained two votes and Cho Kwan Woo gained one. Ja Woo Rim and Yoon Min Soo didn’t get any votes.

Kim Hyun Chul complimented Jang Hye Jin, saying that among all the performances she gave, this one was the best. Composer Kim Hyung Suk complimented Bobby Kim saying “the best musical performance.” The advising group took into account the response of the audience and her dignity highly from In Sooni’s performance.

The comedian managers also evaluated. They picked In Sooni to be first and Yoon Min Soo seventh. The reasoning was a bit different, though. Yoon Min Soo’s manager, Song Euni, picked her singer as seventh because she thought he will be forgotten due to the order. In Sooni was right behind him and also Yoon Min Soo was the first to sing.

Singing first became a jinx in the program. Jang Hye Jin went last this time and she got first place. The staff also recognized the advantage of the last singer. They let the first time singers sing last, to give them the advantage.

Ji Sang Ryul also picked Yoon Min Soo seventh. The reasoning was interesting; “When you see it in real, it’s really good but when you see it on TV, it’s only half as good”. The site’s sound system is surrounded around the music director, Jung Ji Chan. Expensive equipments are used to their fullest potentials to enhance the performance. Although this is true, it’s almost impossible to transfer the sound and the feelings directly to people who are watching on TV.

Ji Sang Ryul’s opinion also correlates with the netizens’. On the portal site, Daum, the netizens picked In Sooni to be first, Cho Kwan Woo second, Kim Jo Han, Yoon Min Soo, Bobby Kim, Jang Hye Jin, and Ja Woo Rim respectively. The comments on portal sites’ responses were “the filming site and the on-air version must have differed a lot”.

“I Am a Singer” ranking evaluation differs greatly, constantly. At times, it splits between the likes and dislikes as well. It becomes a fun argument or a big issue. Audience, netizen, professionals, and comedians share different point of views. What’s really interesting is that the singers also convey different thoughts.