Writer Park Hae Ryun revealed her feelings about wrapping up the drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” at the end of the last script, according to Newsen.

As the script for the last episode was passed around, the cast and crew found a message at the end written by writer Park Hae Ryun.

It read, “To the staff and actors, I’m afraid. I think I may have used up all my luck on this drama.”

She continued, “To the director who filled in what I lacked through production, acting, and music, to the hard working staff and the actors, meeting you all was the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me. We fought with the rain and weather, we fought with time, and we fought off sleep. Looking at the product that resulted from all our work really touches my heart. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. I will never forget the wonderful journey where this drama has taken us. Sincerely, Writer Park Hae Ryun.”

“I Can Hear Your Voice” reached a whopping viewer rating of 24.1% during its sixteenth episode. Due to its popularity, it was extended another two episodes. The last episode will air on August 1.

What are your feelings on the end of this drama?