The cast and staff of SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” will be heading out for an overseas vacation together, according to Star Today

On July 16, a representative from “I Hear Your Voice” said that the cast and staff would be leaving on August 8 for an overseas vacation. The vacation is meant to rejuvenate the minds and bodies of the exhausted cast and staff who worked very hard to film the drama.

Main actor Lee Jong Suk will probably not be attending the trip, due to a movie filming following the end of the drama.

Netizens who heard news of the trip commented, “You guys have worked so hard. Come back well rested,” “I’m jealous that they’re all going on this trip together,” and “Please enjoy yourselves.”

The directors and producers of “I Hear Your Voice” are currently debating adding more episodes due to its popularity. Do you think they should? 


New reports are coming out that the vacation is not confirmed; there are discussions going on, but right now, everyone is just focusing on finishing filming the drama, according to Newsen and TV Report.