One of the hottest drama that is airing right now, “I Hear Your Voice” is being accused of plagiarizing a novel called “Evidence of the Devil” and the Korean Mystery Writers Association (KMWA) is asking for an official apology from SBS.

Sources from the KMWA spoke with eNEWS on July 25 and said, “We have sent out a statement on the behalf of Do Jin Ki, who is the author of ‘Evidence of the Devil,’” and “We want an amicable solution with SBS. Rather than taking legal measures, we want to ask for support to help Do Jin Ki.”

Previously, the KMWA sent SBS a statement, asking for an apology for plagiarizing the sotryline of the case of the twin murders that was featured on episodes five and six of “I Hear Your Voice.” The KMWA claimed that the story was from Do Jin Ki’s “Evidence of the Devil,” which was released in November of 2012.

The statement also contained, “We ask that the SBS broadcasters and production team apologize,” and “We ask that Do Jin Ki’s name and the original work ‘Evidence of the Devil’ be cited on the web page as well as the start and end credits of the drama.”

The publisher of “Evidence of the Devil” also revealed that this plagiarism incident halted the novel from being made into a film.

OSEN reports that the publisher, Golden Bough said, “‘Evidence of the Devil’ signed a contract with Good Choice Pictures and even received the contractual payment. However, after the ‘I Hear Your Voice’ episodes aired, the filming has stopped.”

According to this source, the film company announced that they could not make a film that has the same content as the “I Hear Your Voice” episodes.

Golden Bough stated, “We already brought forth this plagiarism case to SBS a long time ago but since SBS has denied it, we have sent another statement to them. However, there was no reply from SBS and the drama is almost coming to an end so this case is quickly losing its power.”

To this, SBS replied, “The only thing in common with the novel is the fact that the characters are twins. The way the case is handled and solved is completely different.”