While we’ve seen many idols be incredibly talented at drawing and painting, have you ever seen an idol so talented at calligraphy?

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His digital works are absolutely breathtaking.

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He’s also good at the traditional form of calligraphy, using paper and brush!

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It’s undeniable that he’s talented.

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A two-in-one, when he posted a photo with his shadow in it, as well as a calligraphy quote.

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The idol behind these amazing works is none other than IMFACT‘s Jeup! Jeup has been operating under the alias “Calliup”, signing off his works with the moniker. Not only is he a skilled performer, he also draws in fans with his visuals.

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Jeup has been practicing calligraphy as a hobby for 5 years now. Hats off to him!

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Check out the group’s latest music video for “LIE” below.