Despite the young age of K-Pop trainees, it’s not unheard of for aspiring stars to get cosmetic surgery procedures before they even debut. But which treatments are the most common? Two plastic surgeons with experience in the K-Pop industry revealed all in a new “Comment Defenders” video with AYO on YouTube.

As the directors of Moon Clinic, a popular cosmetic treatment facility in Gangnam, Park Moon Soo and Kook Hwa have performed numerous treatments—to the point that Park has even dined with a K-Pop star. So, who better to reveal which cosmetic procedures are the most common for trainees?

Park Moon Soo (left) & Kook Hwa (right) | AYO 에이요/YouTube

What are the plastic surgeries or treatments that trainees get before debut?

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While popular opinion suggests trainees get numerous procedures, from eyelid surgery to fat implants to jaw contouring, Park Moon Soo says aspiring idols would be more like “cyborgs” if they were to have so many treatments. Instead, the director explained that all trainees have “good parts” of their face and body that they’re born with. As such, trainees typically only have cosmetic procedures to target the other parts of their body they’re not so happy with.

Ladies Code’s Ashley once revealed she was pressured to get surgery as a trainee. | @ashleybchoi/Instagram

As for the most common treatments, Park Moon Soo says a lot of idols get liposuction on their legs. Since female and male idols alike typically wear outfits that emphasize their legs on stage—from short skirts to tight pants—stars like to emphasize their leg lines.

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On top of that, Park went on to say that idols and aspiring stars like to emphasize their face lines too. As such, Kook Hwa says many get non-surgical procedures to slim their jawlines and improve their skin elasticity, such as contour shots and Botox.

Red Velvet Irene’s natural jawline is considered a prime example many want to emulate. | Damiani

That said, Park Moon Soo revealed that if a trainee’s face needs more invasive facial surgery—for example, a jawline shave—it’s unlikely they’d try to become celebrities in the first place.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube