As spring time approaches, so does cherry blossom season. This time of the year is incredibly magical and full of beautiful colors, and is paired best with someone you love. These seven idols would make the perfect dates to accompany this precious time.

1. J-Hope (BTS)

J-Hope is thoughtful, loving — oh, and very handsome. He would be the perfect date to hold hands with as you stroll through the springtime scenery.



SinB‘s effortless beauty looks natural in such a pretty and floral setting.

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3. JB (GOT7)

JB‘s chill and laidback vibe would make the ultimate spring date as you take in the beautiful weather.


4. RM (BTS)

RM would be down for a photo-op and some fresh air with the one he loves.

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5. Eunha (GFRIEND)

Eunha‘s beauty is so dainty and feminine, you might get confused which one is actually the flower.

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6. Yuta (NCT 127)

Yuta would make your date fun and exciting, and make sure you see every. single. cherry blossom.



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7. Sakura Miyawaki (IZ*ONE)

Sakura seems at home with the flowers that she is named after! Probably because she looks like one…

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