Female idols are often blessed with beauty so otherwordly, they look like they came straight out of a storybook. These 7 female idols happen to resemble a different Disney princess so well, you may just think it’s magic.

1. Dahyun (TWICE) — Elsa

Dahyun‘s Disney doppelgänger is none other than the queen of Frozen herself.

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She bears a strong resemblance to Elsa with her ice blonde braids and sparkly pale blue attire.

On the outside, Elsa looks beautiful and fairy-like, but in reality, she is so much more special inside…just like Dahyun!

TWICE_(11) TWICE_(35)

2. Hyuna — Merida

Hyuna‘s wildly curly hair, freckles, and pink cheeks give her a strong resemblance to Princess Merida of Brave.


Her pale skin and blue contacts further complete her look!

Merida and Hyuna are two perfect examples of headstrong and defiant women.

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3. Hwasa (MAMAMOO) — Pocahontas

Hwasa‘s natural beauty, flowing locks, and honey skin are reminiscent of Pocahontas.

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Free-spirited and a bit outspoken, Pocahontas and Hwasa are both powerful women.

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4. Chungha — Mulan

Chunga‘s sharp features are reminiscent of Mulan.



Especially with her hair pulled back, Chungha looks super fierce (and easy to imagine wielding a sword)!


5. Yeri (Red Velvet) — Ariel

Yeri‘s vibrant red locks would immediately remind anyone of the Little Mermaid.

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Yeri and Ariel are both bubbly, fun-loving, and bright girls.


Their soft nature is reminiscent of one another.

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6. IU — Snow White

You might do a double-take when you realize how similar IU is to Snow White!


Her pale skin, dark hair, and red lip recreate Snow White’s dainty beauty IRL.

IU looks just like her when she sports elegant and classy hairstyles.



7. Lisa (BLACKPINK) — Rapunzel

Lisa‘s flowing hair and big, round eyes are just like Rapunzel.

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Her golden locks seem to go on for days!


Rapunzel is energetic and courageous yet totally sweet…just like Lisa!