This past week, many idols graduated from their high schools including Hanlim Arts School and the School of Performing Arts Seoul. Following their graduations, several of them took to social media to share photos and express gratitude.

Check out some of their posts below:

TWICE’s Tzuyu and Chaeyoung

Tzuyu and Chaeyoung graduated from Hanlim Arts School on February 12.

Tzuyu wrote on Instagram, “To our friends who graduated and our teachers, you have all worked hard! Thank you,” and shared several photos.

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마지막 교복사진 많이 많이~~~

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ASTRO’s Sanha

Sanha also graduated from Hanlim Arts School and posted photos while holding a sign that says, “I graduated today.” He thanked fans for congratulating him and added, “I will show more diverse charms of adult Sanha now!”

ASTRO members Rocky, Moonbin, and JinJin uploaded more photos taken with Sanha.

Golden Child’s Bomin

Golden Child’s Twitter account shared photos of Bomin at his graduation along with Tag, Jaehyun, and Daeyeol.

Bomin also posted a photo and thanked fans for congratulating him.

The Boyz’ Sunwoo and Hwall

Sunwoo and Hwall took selfies with their close friends Sanha and Bomin. Sunwoo wrote, “Hanlim Crew, let’s last forever!”

IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae Won

Kim Min Ju posted photos with Kim Chae Won and added the caption, “Chae Won unnie, congratulations on graduating. Congratulations also to all of the WIZ*ONE who graduated this year!”

fromis_9’s Chaeyoung

fromis_9’s Twitter shared a photo of the group congratulating Chaeyoung at her Hanlim Arts School graduation.

Chaeyoung wrote, “I was so happy and felt so supported with our members. Our members, I love you.”

NewKidd’s Jin Kwon

NewKidd’s leader Jin Kwon posted on February 12, “I graduated from high school today. Our fans, thank you so much for congratulating me on graduating.”

Lee Dae Hwi

Lee Dae Hwi graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul on February 15 with the support of Lim Young Min, Kim Dong Hyun, and Park Woo Jin.

The following day, he shared the message, “It was meaningful and I was so thankful to graduate yesterday while being congratulated by lots of fans, friends, teachers, and reports! Thank you to everyone who congratulated me, and I will return as an artist who works hard with a greater sense of responsibility. I love you. My friends, you have worked hard for three years!”

Stray Kids’ Seungmin and Hyunjin

Seungmin graduated from Chungdam High School on February 14. He shared his mixed feelings as he wrote, “I want to go to school for longer,” and added, “Thank you to all of the STAY who congratulated me.” He also included through a hashtag, “Not sure if I am happy or sad.”

Hyunjin graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul on February 15, and I.N attended in support. Hyunjin thanked I.N and his school friends through the caption.

DIA’s Somyi

Somyi also graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul. She posted selfies and also a photo with DIA members who attended in support. She wrote, “It felt like I would be a student forever, and I still cannot believe that I have now graduated from high school and am becoming an adult. Seeing my friends, who I studied with, hung out with, and ate school lunch with, now preparing to split up to different schools and areas to chase their dreams, it makes me proud but also sad that I can’t see them again.” She concluded by promising to show maturity and growth as DIA and Somyi.

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[?] 다이아 솜이 입니당:) 아직 일교시 끝나구 매점가서 빵사먹던 제가 아직두 엊그제 같고 평생 학생일것 같았는데 어느새 고등학교를 졸업하고 성인이 된다는게 아직 믿기지않아요:( 매일 학교에서 같이 공부하고 놀고 같이 급식먹던 친구들이 각자의 꿈을 위해 각자 다른학교로 다른지역으로 흩어질 준비를 하는걸 보니 뭔가 제가다 뿌듯하기도하고 이제는 자주 볼수없다는 생각에 속상함도 공존하는거같아요..!! 다른학교들 친구들 졸업식한다는 소리에 울컥울컥 했어서 각오를 하고 졸업식장에 들어섰는데 각오를 했음에도 전교회장친구들의 송사,답사를 들으니 그동안 학교다녔었던 추억들 ,힘들었던공부, 친구들 생각이 주마등 처럼 스쳐 지나가면서 울컥 하면서 눈물이 날거 날거같았어요? 학생때는 정말 졸업하고 싶었는데 이제 아침자과 매일 사투하고 시끌벅쩍한 교실도 다시 못볼거라 생각하니 속상해요:( 올해 졸업한 우리 서공예 친구들,치악고친구들 저희3반친구들 모두 원하는꿈을 이루었으면 좋겠어요!!:) 다들 잘되서 웃는얼굴로 다같이 만났으면 좋을거같아요ㅎㅎ!! 졸업도 하고 성인이된만큼 성숙하고 성장한 모습보여드리겠습니다 앞으로의 다이아도 다이아 솜이도 지켜봐주세욤:) #다이아 #DIA #SOMYI #솜이 #에이드 #AID

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MOMOLAND’s Twitter shared group photos from Ahin’s graduation.

Ahin thanked fans in Korean and English and also revealed selfies with Somyi.

VERIVERY’s Yongseung

Yongseung posted selfies with the caption, “My family, teachers, and friends, I love you all! More than anything, our members who were with me at graduation are the best.”

APRIL’s Yena

APRIL’s Twitter account posted photos of Yena with APRIL members who attended in support and thanked fans for congratulating her.

TRCNG’s Jisung, Hyunwoo, Jihun, Hayoung, and Hakmin

Jisung and Hyunwoo graduated from Hanlim Arts School, while Jihun, Hayoung, and Hakmin graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul. Fellow members showed support at both graduations.

IZ’s Junyoung

Junyoung shared selfies and thanked his school friends through a post on Twitter.