SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment are all large companies known for their artists’ varying styles. Besides music, their fashion sense also shows how unique each company can be.

Check out how they wear even the classic “little black dress” differently below!

1. SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment’s model style is seen in the award show outfits of Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet. Their elegant little black dresses have round or sweetheart necklines that give off a charming vibe.



“Classic” is the key word when it comes to SM Entertainment.


Red Velvet carried on the textbook style with their various outfits.


They, too, looked elegant and sweet in their dresses.



2. JYP Entertainment

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls, TWICE and ITZY are the girl groups under JYP Entertainment. Their little black dresses are still elegant but with slight alterations from the norm.


Sana and Jeongyeon, for instance, highlighted their tiny waists with wide belts.


jeongyeon and sana

Tzuyu wore an asymmetrical skirt that differed from the basic top half of her dress.


At first glance, ITZY member Lia‘s dress was classical with its off-shoulder appearance. If you look closer, however, she has a large bow on top.


Wonder Girls also put their own touches of variety with lace, rhinestones, and sharp necklaces.

wonder girls2
| Jason Kempin

JYP Entertainment’s key word is “trendy”.


3. YG Entertainment

Finally, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK are YG Entertainment’s only girl groups. Unlike the other companies, their artists wear altered dresses that show off a hint of street style. 2NE1 mastered this with their pops of colors, leather jackets, and overall futuristic style.


Rosé also carried on this style in a slightly more subdued way with her all-leather black dress.

rose leather
| Han Myung Gu

One of her outfits even looked similar to an oversized sweater.


When BLACKPINK held their press conference for “How You Like That”, their modern take on the little black dress was stressed with lined patterns, large buttons, and textured fabrics.

blackpink press con

They also often pair their clothing with chokers for a cool look.

| Glitter Magazine

After all, for YG Entertainment, “edgy” is the way to go.


SM Entertainment is classy, JYP Entertainment is trendy, and YG Entertainment is edgy. These styles can also be seen in how differently their artists wear school uniforms. Check them out below!

Idols From JYP, YG, And SM Entertainment Wear Uniforms Differently—Here’s How