Compared to their charismatic presence on stage, some idols are actually scaredy-cats in real life.

They get easily frightened, and while fans worry about their tendency to get dramatically scared in surprising situations, they also can’t help but laugh because of the cute reactions.

Here are some idols who might not be the best people to rely on when going to haunted houses:

1. BTS’s Jin

Jin may be the oldest in BTS, but he is definitely one of the most easily scared members of the group. From pigeons to banging doors, Jin gets terrified by even the smallest of unexpected situations. His fans love how he expresses his fright with his entire body.

2. BTS’s J-Hope

This BTS member takes the cake when it comes to being scared easily. There are plenty of moments when J-Hope gets scared, like the time he bumped his leg because of a ghost prank and the time he had to film with a snake. He is definitely someone you can’t take to a haunted house.

3. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene is also famous for getting scared easily. In one interview, she said she turns on the TV when she goes to bed because she is scared of the darkness. Not only is she scared of the darkness, but she is scared of small noises as well.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

If you look up Jennie’s scared moments, you’ll find many of them floating online. Although she is the queen of charisma on stage, she gets terrified by many things in real life. She even admitted she was scared of animals and once shed tears on a show because she was truly scared.

5. TWICE’s Momo

This TWICE member has a fear of heights. On JTBC’s “Carefree Travelers,” she became flustered and frightened on a rollercoaster. In one show, her fellow member Sana shared, “Momo is even scared of bunk beds.”

6. Apink’s Chorong

Apink’s leader unexpectedly has a lot of fear. Although she usually displays a calm attitude, she becomes easily scared in front of suspicious items such as a toy or a mystery box.

7. Golden Child’s Bomin

The youngest member of Golden Child is also known for getting scared easily. From bungee jumping to kisses from his members, he gets quite shocked during unexpected situations.

8. GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7 fans know that Jackson is one of the idols at the top of the list to get easily frightened. During the ghost prank, he screamed and yanked his earphones out while backing away. Fans can’t help but laugh at this jumpy idol every time he gets scared or shocked by something.

9. MONSTA X’s Jooheon

People who see Jooheon for the first time would think that with his fierce rapping and muscular frame, he would be the type to not get scared at all. However, Monbebes know the truth. Jooheon gets scared by anything and everything. Once in a video by Dingo when MONSTA X was chased by insane patients, he was the first to run and leave his members behind. So unless you want to be left alone in a haunted house, it would be wise to not go with Jooheon.

10. EXID’s Hani

Last but not least is Hani from EXID. Many fans know about her nature to get scared very easily. During one show, she got shocked when the door randomly opened to reveal BTOB’s Changsub. She also got terrified when a ghost prank was played on her and eventually broke into tears. Fans show concern whenever the idol gets jumpy, but they mostly think her reactions are adorable.

What other idols would make unreliable partners in a haunted house?

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