B.I has made an apology in relation to his recent drug scandal and announced his withdrawal from iKON.

On June 12, B.I left a message on his Instagram, apologizing for his inappropriate actions and announcing that he will be leaving iKON.

This is Kim Hanbin.
First of all, I sincerely apologize for causing trouble with my inappropriate behavior.

It is true that I wanted to rely on things that I should not have even had interest in in the past because I was having such a difficult and rough time. But I was not able to fear that.

Nevertheless, I am extremely embarassed and sorry towards all of our fans and our members, who are deeply disappointed and hurt by my wrong words and actions.

I will humbly reflect upon my wrondoings and leave the team.

I sincerely bow my head in apology once again to our fans and our members. I’m sorry.

ㅡ B.I