B.I‘s recent choice to bleach his hair to platinum blonde has come under suspicion by netizens as an attempt to avoid possible drug testing.

ikon bi bleached hair 1


B.I had donned black hair up until the beginning of May.

ikon bi bleached hair 3


But he was spotted with bleached hair and eyebrows towards the end of May.

ikon bi bleached hair 2


K-Netizens began to speculate that B.I had actually bleached his hair in an attempt to avoid any possible drug testing.

ikon bi drug netizens 1


They even went far as to claim that any idol who suddenly bleach or color their hair should now be considered suspicious of ulterior motive.

ikon bi drug netizens 2


The netizens are referring to how Park Yoochun was caught with bleached and colored hair mere months before his drug scandal broke. He had even changed his hair color once again during his investigations.

He was eventually found guilty of drug use after he tested positive for illegal drugs.

park yoochun bleached hair


Despite these speculations, fans defended B.I, claiming he had only changed his hair color for his promotions with Lee Hi for “NO ONE”.

ikon bi bleached hair