iKON‘s Bobby revealed that his latest solo comeback track “U MAD” was written because of his inability to get angry at other people!

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| YG Entertainment

Bobby recently appeared on YouTube channel odg, where he talked about the topic of “haters” with a bunch of cute kids!

After talking to them about unpleasant people in their lives that make them angry or upset, Bobby opened up about how he also has a hard time confronting people about things.

I can’t really get mad at people either, and can’t say bad things to people either. So I can’t really get angry, and I can’t go to my mom about it at my age either. You know what I mean, right? I can’t do that.


He then further shared that his song “U MAD” became a way for him to vent the frustration and anger that he otherwise could not put into words.

So instead, I write lyrics. I bring out all my emotions into words. So then I talk to all my haters. Because I’m a rapper, it’s my own way of combatting. When I want to express how I feel.


Bobby recently made his solo comeback with his second full album Lucky Man and title track “U MAD”.

You can watch him talk about his song here!