JTBC program “iKON Picnic” has come to an end.

This travel variety program showed iKON members as high school students of “Yang’s High School” going on a field trip chaperoned by Jung Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Kim Shin Young.The show came to an end after six episodes that made viewers conjure up fun memories from their school days and showed different sides from iKON’s powerful on-stage persona.

iKON members took time to express their thoughts on the ending of their program. Yunhyeong said, “When I first heard that we would be going on a field trip, I questioned if we could really go back to being young, high school students. But when we started, I didn’t feel like I was filming, and it felt like I was a student again, so I was happy. I think the show captured all of our happy moments. Thank you to the staff for making a great program.”B.I commented, “I want to keep these memories forever in my head. If the opportunity presents itself, I want to go on another field trip,” while Bobby stated, “It was a time that I want to look back at like a page in my diary no matter how much time passes.”

Junhoe concluded, “Through this field trip, I learned how to live life in an optimistic way. I will become someone who can emit bright energy to you all.”

Through a phone call on the conclusion of the program, Yang Hyun Suk revealed future plans and his affection for the group. “iKON will release an album soon. The variety program was fun, and I hope their album does well too. I don’t express it, but I really value and love them,” said Yang Hyun Suk.Stay tuned for more updates on iKON’s January comeback!

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