iKON recently appeared on the October 17 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Moon Hee Jun‘s Music Show.”

During the broadcast, one of the listeners of the show sent a message to iKON asking, “What are your current worries?” B.I opened up and talked about his struggles. He confessed, “I’m not writing any songs currently.” He added, “It’s been two to three months since I wrote a song. I don’t have any inspiration. There’s no push or stimulation. Since there’s no input, there’s no output.”

Jinhwan revealed, “I usually have a lot of worries. Don’t you usually have a lot of worries if you have a lot of things going on inside your mind? I try to live like an empty-headed person. I’m already busy listening to the worries of the other iKON members, so I haven’t put much thought into my own worries.” Donghyuk explained, “Since Jinhwan is the oldest, all of us are really dependent on him. We’re really thankful.”

The members also revealed how they were able to make three comebacks in one year. Moon Hee Jun commented, “You guys made a comeback three times this year, starting from ‘Love Scenario’ and ‘Killing Me’ to ‘Goodbye Road.’ This is not something that you can do if you’re not working hard or readily prepared.”

B.I replied, “We have a lot of songs in stock that are already made and arranged. I wrote ‘Goodbye Road’ in 2015. ‘Goodbye Road’ was the first song and ‘Love Scenario’ was the second. ‘Killing Me’ was the last song that I made out of the three. ‘Goodbye Road’ got pushed back a bit because it had more of an autumn-like feeling compared to the other two.”

The broadcast ended with Moon Hee Jun complimenting iKON’s songs. “iKON’s songs are loved by people of all ages. When I listen to it, I can immediately realize why all their songs are so popular.”

iKON recently made a comeback with their new mini album, “NEW KIDS : THE FINAL” on October 1. Check out their music below for “Goodbye Road“!

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